Our Landscaping Team

Suzanne Strout
Project Manager

Suzanne Strout has 35 years of experience in the service industries. Her “client-comes-first” attitude and inherent connection to the earth characterize her position as project manager of MDI Grows landscaping projects.  Suzanne apprenticed under one of the area’s premier landscape gardeners, and has owned and operated her own small company specializing in garden installation and maintenance. She spent several years in nursery sales where she assisted landscape designers and landscapers in choosing the appropriate plants for the many different site conditions that Maine’s inland and coastal situations create. Her impeccable attention to detail, passion for natural landscapes, and her hands-on approach guarantee that the team at MDI Grows achieves its goal of providing you with the landscape you desire.


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Landscaping Field Team

Tanya Bell

The MDIG Field Team consists of several experienced gardeners. Among them is Tanya Bell, a perfectionist who has 30 years of experience nursing plants to grow in stubborn coastal soils. Tanya’s love of shrubs and herbaceous plants is conveyed in the field, as she recognizes and manages the challenges of maintaining healthy, vibrant landscapes in our region. From moss to firs and much more, the native plants favored by many of our clients thrive from her hard work, hands-on knowledge, and careful attention. Her skills extend from shoreline stabilization with native plantings, to beds of naturalized perennial gardens, as well as the shrubs and woodland plants that can easily falter under Maine’s stern climate.

Working with Tanya is a team of hard-working Mainers who know how to see projects through from start to finish. They take on new installations and seasonal maintenance work with care and dedication while using their professionalism, knowledge, and common sense to give you a landscape you will enjoy for years to come.

Landscaping Support Team

Bobbie Burdick and Ericka Duym of Burdick & Associates Landscape Design support our field team. Trained in horticulture and landscape architecture, they ensure the field work matches and supports your landscape plan, whether that plan is on paper or is firmly rooted in your established grounds. Bobbie & Ericka provide additional horticultural expertise while coordinating the ordering of plants and other landscape materials for gardens or the natural Maine shoreline.


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