Spring Landscape Clean Up Services

Spring is a time of new beginnings. As snow and ice melt away, homeowners see the toll winter has taken on plants, driveways, walking paths and lawns. Fallen branches and gravel need to be removed, garden beds need to be cleaned, trees and shrubs need pruning, and grass needs to be reseeded. Plants need to be nurtured and prepared for another growing season. New beginnings turn into beautiful days spent on hard, dirty work.

Our spring clean up services give you time to celebrate spring while we prepare your grounds and landscape for the new season.

Our spring clean up services include:

  • Remove fallen branches & leaves
  • Repair & reseed damaged lawns
  • Rake, level & replenish stone in driveways & paths
  • Reset pavers & cobblestones
  • Edge and clean flower and vegetable garden beds
  • Mulch & fertilize
  • Plant & divide perennials
  • Install plant supports
  • Prepare window and container pots
  • Prune trees & shrubs

Spring Cleanup Debris MDI Grows

Our spring cleanup services are always customized to meet your needs.

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